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With a genuine interest in all the worlds food art, we realized that a good chili mixture was missing.

We created our own mix containing only chili and herbs to give you an extra touch for any dish.

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Our spices

Our partly home-grown chili is spiced with various ingredients that enhance the taste. 100% balanced for an extra touch in your cooking.


Take a look and get inspired by recipes balanced by spices from FredChill™

A hot chili product without E-substances and salt.


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About us

Fredchill ™ was founded in 2016 out of a fascination for the taste of chili as an accessory and seasoning. Fredrik, the man behind Fredchill ™, is a chef and has always had a penchant for pure flavors in the food, without artificial essences.

For many years in the restaurant industry, he felt something was missing and therefore began to experiment with chili on a hobby level.


An important part of the craft behind Fredchill ™ is a consistent product quality. Therefore, we are extra careful with how our products are handled during production.

The heat in the strong chili varieties is transformed into a softer heat and a soft tone of roasted garlic emerges.


With balance and depth, you get a well balanced chili mixture campatible with meat, fish and salad.

Only natural additives without E-products and salt.

"I have never tasted something similiar. Combining chili with grilled dishes is truly as good as it gets."

– Marita Magnusson

"I would never have thought that chili with fennel would be a good combination. But I was SO wrong. Buy it!"

– Björn Elfsten

" I´m just saying, try making a herbal butter with this to the lamb fillet!!! GREAT!"

– Jenny Roosman

"How easy and delicious just to sprinkle over when making roasted root vegetables in the oven and what a flavor enhancer, it didn't take much at all for them to taste really good!"

– Kenneth E

"So heavenly to the clams, amazing heat without it being too much! 10/10"

– Jari K

"Tried it for the Caesar salad and I wish all salad bars had this seasoning. Excellent!"

– Lisette G


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