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With a genuine interest in all the worlds of food art, we realized that a good chili mixture was missing.

We created our own mix of chili, herbs and balanced this to create an extra touch for the dish.

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The harvest festival

The harvest festival

We are super happy to participate in the Harvest Festival.

Together with a whole bunch from the beautiful countryside with freshly harvested, fresh and tasty food.

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FredChill Dessert

Contains only Chili and Åland bee pollen with cardamom.


FredChill Thyme & Rosemary Edition

Chili with roasted garlic and dried thyme & rosemary


FredChill Refill

Chili refill bags


Fredchill Lime

Chili with roasted garlic and dried lime


Our spices

Our partly home-grown chili is spiced with various ingredients that enhance the taste. 100% balanced for an extra touch in your cooking.


We want to preserve the green and use only organic products. All chili and containing products are partly grown on Åland.

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About us

Fredchill ™ was founded in 2016 out of a fascination for the taste of chili as an accessory and seasoning. Fredrik, the man behind Fredchill ™ is a chef and has always had a penchant for pure flavors in the food, without artificial essences.

For many years in the restaurant industry, it felt like something was missing and therefore began to experiment with chili on a hobby level.


An important part of the craft behind Fredchill ™ is a consistent product quality. Therefore, we are extra careful with how our products are handled during production.

The heat in the strong chili varieties is transformed into a softer heat and heat emerges and a soft tone of roasted garlic emerges.


With balance and depth, you get a chili mixture you will soon forget whether you put it on the meat, fish or in the salad.

Only natural additives without E-products and salt.

"Jag har aldrig smakat nått liknande. Det blev hur gott som helst att kombinera chili med nygrillat."

– Marita Magnusson

"Kunde aldrig tro att chili med fänkål skulle vara en kombination som var god. Men, jag hade SÅ fel. Köp den!"

– Björn Elfsten


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