FredChill Dessert

FredChill Dessert


Contains only Chili and Åland bee pollen with cardamom.



Our popular chili and bee pollen with cardamom ..
Contains exactly what it says. A local mixture mostly of Åland products completely without e-substances and salt.

The spice mixture is 60ml.

Chili in pure form as we produced it for our mixes also has a positive effect for digestion, ie this for a faster metabolism and therefore is seen as a healthy spice mixture that also enhances the taste experience and since we do not add any salt, it does not bind liquids!

Bee pollen is one of nature’s most powerful foods – and also fantastically beautiful! It is estimated that the honey pollen collected by honeybees contains in principle all the enzymes and coenzymes that the body needs, and also in a perfect balance. We use bee pollen as a supplement, sweetener and as a decoration on pastries. The pollen grains, which are actually clumps of male seeds from the plants that have been visited by the bee, contain a fantastic spectrum of nutrients. Bee pollen is an excellent and natural multivitamin. In addition to 22 different amino acids, pollen also contains most vitamins, many enzymes and flavonoids and several minerals.



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